After having “gone vegan” for several years, I got sick. Sicker than I’d ever been – horrible digestion, bad skin, throbbing joints, inflammation, weight gain, hair loss – I was a mess. And I was angry. I’d acquired “leaky gut“. How Sway? I’d been advocating veganism for years. I had a vegan café and juice bar! And honestly, I think the reason I survived acquiring Lupus (many who start with leaky gut end up with it), was because of the juice fasts that I participated in seasonally.

I hadn’t switched to veganism due to being compelled to save the lives of animals. Though now, my love and respect for animals has grown 100 fold, I’d become a vegan to get healthy. I’d given up some of my favorite foods (cheese!) because I wanted great skin and a small waist but ended up with the opposite. Although there was definitely a benefit to my system not ingesting dead flesh and cow mucus, I still didn’t feel the energy and vitality I thought veganism would bring.

Not wanting to do the pharmaceutical route to drug dependency, I asked my partner, Crush Foster, who was the Executive Chef of our café (Juice Hugger’s A Healthy Crush Café in Brooklyn, NY 2011 – 2015) to help me. We’d dabbled in researching Dr. Sebi’s healing modality the African Bio Mineral Balance before but had never adopted it 100%. I asked him if he could start making us meals using only the ingredients found on Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide. He agreed. And just 4 days after starting this new eating regime, I started to feel relief. First, I noticed the inflammation in my body started to go down. I thought I was loosing weight but the scale remained the same. It was the inflammation dissipating that made my body loose its puffiness. This in turn lessened my joint pain. Then my digestion started to improve. And my skin. And slowly and steadily, I felt like me again.

Because of this life changing experience, we immersed ourselves in Dr. Sebi research. Changed the whole direction of our healthy lifestyle brand, A Healthy Crush, and made it our mission to help people heal themselves. It has been the most rewarding time of my life. We created books, products, and events around Dr. Sebi’s modality and tried to schedule a meeting to show him our clear intent to help his movement…but we found out he was being held in Honduras. Then weeks later, he passed away. Just, no…sigh.


Being firmly a part of the Dr. Sebi community groups on FaceBook, over the last year we have noticed people jockeying to become the next Dr. Sebi. But there will never be another – and there is no need for one. Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance is a solid, well thought out healing modality that proved itself by winning a court case brought against it in 1988. Many are watering down his message. Questioning his methods to try to add their own spin as if his outlook was flawed. Some of them the very people that supported him when he was alive.  And yet, aside from the people that came to court in 1988 totestify, I have talked to MANY people who have cured themselves of all kinds of dis-ease. And I am one of them!

There IS a big difference between veganism and the African Bio Mineral Balance. Instead of putting this modality UNDER veganism, it should be BEYOND veganism. Veganism was created by Donald Watson in 1944 for the well being of animals, Dr. Sebi was concerned with the health of humanity. We felt there was a great need to separate the 2 and this is why we have founded the Alkaline Eclectic Society.

If you are currently an “Alkaline Vegan” and follow Dr. Sebi, please consider changing your moniker. It’s confusing. Currently, if I walked into a vegan establishment, the likelihood I would be able to find something to eat is slim. I’m tired of our style of eating seeming “difficult”. Our mission is to clearly identify our eating style as it’s OWN entity. Showing what Dr. Sebi created a little more respect! Because he didn’t have a platform or books to clarify his message, we are working to curate his thoughts in one place and reestablish his community. We want to make it easier to follow this modality because we know IT WORKS.


To learn more, please review our site and join the Alkaline Eclectic Society. We have only just begun but when we finish, we want to ensure that Dr. Sebi is remembered and respected.

Sincerely I am,

Kelly Keelo – Co – Founder | Alkaline Eclectic