Our intention is to provide resources to people, places, and events that allow for the further development of the Alkaline Eclectic Society. We want you to know who you should know that will help to elevate your understanding of this lifestyle. If you are a part of the society and would like to submit your information for our records and potential inclusion on the site, reach out to us at [email protected].

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Our goal is to provide a framework for living an electric lifestyle based on Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance Methodology. We want to ensure that this method remains intact. Those that follow his Nutritional Guide have a difficult time trying to find the foods he advocated. Most grocery stores do not carry native plants or foods without chemicals used for some of the ingredients. Many restaurants do not create meals that take this style of eating into consideration either. This is due to the assumption that as long as food is “vegan” (not animal based), it is healthy.  We want to help formulate a distinction so that we can better educate people on the ins and outs of “how to eat to live”.

Learn more about Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance. He developed it to support and optimize the healthy expression of the African genome. The African genome is the foundation of the genetic structure of all people making it a viable method for everyone. Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide of foods least detrimental to the body allow the body the right environment to heal itself. These foods are high in minerals, non hybridized (by man), lack starch, yeast, soy, or processed sugar. He advocated a plant based animal free food regime that helped the body maintain an alkaline environment.

Alkaline Eclectic Society is a non-profit whose mission is to create educational resources like flyers, pamphlets, ebooks,memes, social media campaigns, and events that help get grocery stores, restaurants and culinary schools up to speed on the Alkaline Eclectic food regime. We want members to have the materials available to educate family and friends as well. Members receive helpful information, updates, and discounts from other Alkaline Eclectic members/vendors to help make their journey easier. We intent to be a vital lifeline to aid in the growth and development of this important healing modality.