ALKALINE ECLECTIC IS AN ELECTRIC LIFESTYLE INFLUENCED BY NATURE. Our goal is to provide a framework for living an electric lifestyle based on Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance. We want to ensure that this method remains intact.

We have created the name ” Alkaline Eclectic” to be more in line with Dr. Sebi’s food and herbal compound regime as well as the additional lifestyle components that aid in keeping the body balanced. Often, his method has been categorized as “Alkaline Vegan”. Dr. Sebi never called his method “Vegan”, he was steadfast in calling it the African Bio Mineral Balance. His method focuses on using a Nutritional Guide of least detrimental foods to the body in coordination with his herbal compounds (or native herbs he advocated). Therefore, being Alkaline Eclectic goes beyond veganism. Veganism was initially created for the benefit of the lives of animals. The African Bio Mineral Balance was created for the benefit of the health of humanity.

Those that follow his Nutritional Guide have a difficult time trying to find the foods he advocated. Most grocery stores do not carry native plants or foods without chemicals used for some of the ingredients. Many restaurants do not create meals that take this style of eating into consideration. This is due to the assumption that as long as food is “vegan” (not animal based), it is healthy.  We want to help formulate a distinction so that we can better educate people on the ins and outs of “how to eat to live”. There are many “alkaline vegan” charts that do not address the need to reduce the intake of acidic foods that are mucus causing. This confusion may lead to preventable health issues. Animal related products are not the only items on most grocery lists that can be toxic to the body.

Eclectic Medicine was a branch of American medicine which made use of botanical remedies along with other substances and physical therapy practices, popular in the latter half of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries. It was phased out due to lack of funding to medical programs that supported its perspective. The large donors of the time (Rockefeller and Carnegie) decided to only fund those medical programs that focused on our present day medical structure. At its peak, eclectic medicine was comprised of over 20,000 doctors throughout the country. We pay homage to this idea of an alkaline “eclectic” lifestyle that focuses on optimizing the body using various herbs, foods, and healthy habits to aid the body in its ability to heal itself.

Though many people still question the validity of “herbal remedies”, Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance is the only healing modality that has been challenged in a court of law.  He had to prove the validity of his claims that his herbal compounds worked to aid the body in self repair. Dr. Sebi won the case brought against him by the Brooklyn Supreme Court in 1988. According to Dr. Sebi’s testimony during the trial, he stated that ” the compounds change the environment of the body through intra-cellular cleansing and replenish the cells causing cell proliferation, whereas new cells push out the old cells.”

Because Dr. Sebi did not put together all of his finding into a book, his teachings are spread throughout videos and audio files which have led many to try to reinterpret his position with a different spin. We intend to gather all of this information is a cohesive manner that simplifies this profound information for those looking to adopt a preventive health care regime that is proven to be effective.



Donald Watson, founder of the Vegan Society, coined the word “vegan” in 1944 as a statement against vegetarians who ate dairy products. He took the first and last letters of the word vegetarian to create his  orthodox version of vegetarianism. The intention behind veganism is NOT to optimize the health of human beings but rather to ensure the lives of animals. And this is honorable and just, but calling Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance vegan because his Nutritional Guide does not include meat or dairy doesn’t fully describe his vision for his healing modality. He also excludes man made hybrid foods (certain grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts), yeast, and certain oils. A person eating from his Nutritional Guide has a very difficult time finding a meal in a vegan restaurant that complies with his standards.


An Alkaline Eclectic makes a concerted effort to follow Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide to optimize the health of the body. They stick to the guidelines for preparing and storing food. They use Dr. Sebi’s compounds if/when necessary or they use herbal teas and capsules made from native plants. They understand that the body has the ability to heal itself when it is not overloaded with toxins. They treat their body machine with the respect and love that God intended.

There is no – one day I’m Alkaline Eclectic and then I’m not because I didn’t “follow the guide” verbatim. We understand the challenges of the lifestyle. You are Alkaline Eclectic if that is your intention. Being conscious of what you are eating and how your body maintains itself is key. However, if you constantly question or decide to adjust the premise of Dr. Sebi’s work, you should categorize yourself by a different methodology.

Learn more about Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance Methodology. He developed it to support and optimize the healthy expression of the African genome. The African genome is the foundation of the genetic structure of all people making it a viable method for everyone. Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide of foods least detrimental to the body allow the body the right environment to heal itself. These foods are high in minerals, non hybridized (by man), lack starch, yeast, soy, or processed sugar. He advocated a plant based animal free food regime that helped the body maintain an alkaline environment.

Alkaline Eclectic Society is a non-profit whose mission is to create educational resources like flyers, pamphlets, ebooks,memes, social media campaigns, and events that help get grocery stores, restaurants and culinary schools up to speed on the Alkaline Eclectic food regime. We want members to have the materials available to educate family and friends as well. Members receive helpful information, updates, and discounts from other Alkaline Eclectic members/vendors to help make their journey easier. We intent to be a vital lifeline to aid in the growth and development of this important healing modality.

Looking for additional information, people to link up to on social media, Dr. Sebi groups on Facebook or restaurants that serve Alkaline Eclectic meals – we’ve got you covered! There are hundreds of thousands of people that follow the African Bio Mineral Balance throughout the world – let’s create the know how to thrive. if you are part of the society and have something to offer, we’d love to hear from you.