I love what drinking herbal teas has done for my overall well being. They help me to maintain a balanced body and have aided my body’s ability to heal itself. While I am not a practicing herbalist, I do know what herbs I can take, for me. Every body is different and different herbs can address the same issue you may have in different ways, so I suggest doing your own research and consulting with an herbalist (that has an understanding of the African Bio Mineral Balance) if you are a newbie to herbal medicine or have a disease with a name. For maintenance, these are the Top 10 herbs I like to use, in no particular order.
Irish Sea Moss
1. Irish Sea Moss– I usually drink it in combination with Bladderwrack. We make a drink out of it with hemp milk, dates, and clove. I like it warm. Kind of reminds me of Milo. It’s a replacement for “vitamin supplements” which are unnecessary when you are getting minerals for foods and herbs. I try to drink this in the morning and the evening. I also use it to cleanse my face several times a week. I simply combine a dime sized amount of the powder with spring water, make it into a paste, and spread it over my face. I leave it on for 5 minutes or more, then rinse.
Dandelion Root
2. Dandelion Root – Though I was never a hard core coffee drinker, when I do want to experience the flavor, I make some Dandelion Root Tea which tastes ALOT like coffee. Add Hemp Milk and Date Syrup and you’ve got yourself a latte. What’s amazing about it is that it is a liver cleanser as well. Cleansing the liver gives you back some energy. So, drinking it in the morning is a great coffee replacement and allows the body to remain in detox mode instead of receiving all the acid that coffee drinking can create in the body.
An Electric Journey ECourse
3. Damiana – If I am feeling emotionally unbalanced, nervous or anxious, I drink Damiana. Although its promoted as an aphrodisiac, makes me feel happy and not necessarily aroused, but for others, the experience may be different. A great tea when you are experiencing your menses.
Burdock Root
4.Burdock Root (and 5. Sarsaparilla combo) – Contains all 102 minerals in the body in low levels. I like to combine it with other herbs to give me a mineral boost. Since Sarsaparilla is highest in iron and acts like a magnet for all other minerals, I combine them often (usually with a 3rd herb that rounds out the flavor, like Linden Flower).
Yellow Dock
Mucus Free Food Detox
6. Yellow Dock – If my skin is feeling out of whack, meaning my lymphatic system feels overloaded or I have a rash from something I’ve touched (or has touched me), I add this to my tea combos. Doesn’t necessarily taste great by itself. I also grind it up in a coffee grinder and make a face mask with it (adding it to Sea Moss and Bladderwrack primarily)
Blue Vervain
7. Blue Vervain – I drink this when I feel magnesium deficient. Signs of this are my brain is on overdrive regarding one issue and I can’t “shut it off” or I can’t sleep. I usually make this into capsules because it has a metallic taste which isn’t great. But as a tea, I may combine it with Damiana or Linden which have light flowery tastes. *Aside – MANY people who smoke weed regularly are severely magnesium deficient.
Cascara Sagrada
Teshuater Spring Water
8. Cascada Sagrada – I call this “Boo Boo Tea”, lmao. If I am constipated, I go right for this. It doesn’t taste great either but I liken it to brown alcohol and often take a few shots. I usually drink it at night so that in the morning I’m ready to go. I DO NOT advise drinking this and then going out for a long length of time where you have to use a bathroom in someone else’s house. If so, I’d suggest some of those Toilet Drops to hide the smell, especially if you ate some bullshit to become constipated in the first place.
9. Elderberry – If I have been around some sick folks and I want to give my immunity a boost. Elderberry really kicks my immune system into over drive. But be cautious, if you ingest too much Elderberry, you may become extremely nauseous. Also – a great addition to other herbs to make them more palatable.
Black Walnut
10. Black Walnut – Great for parasite removal and getting rid of candida overgrowth. Both can lead to pain in the joints. Due to leaky gut, I had extreme candida overgrowth at one point, drinking the tea helped to elevate the pain in my joints immensely. I make and take capsules of this as well.
I hope this helps you in your quest for a healthier body. Taking each herb one at a time and experiencing how each makes you feel individually is a suggestion I like to make. It’s great to read books and listen to people tell you what you should do, but trying things out for yourself gives you a more personal knowledge of what works best for you.
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